Balance Blocks

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Balance Blocks

Five stars (33)


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15 Wooden Blocks Varying sizes
Interlocking pieces Comes with storage tin


Blocks set features 15 interlocking wooden pieces that include a variation of sizes and complexity. Excellent for kids ages 5+ to develop skills including balancing, problem solving, and creative thinking. Made from high-quality solid wood cubes and held together with a non-toxic adhesive, they are an excellent value that will last for years.

These interlocking puzzle blocks provide endless hours of building, balancing, counting, comparing, and all kinds of hands-on early learning! The cubes are sanded smooth, making them comfortable for small hands to grasp, stack, sort, and build. The set stores comfortably in the provided tin so kids can take block play anywhere.

five stars

5 out of 5 (33 reviews)

customer profile picture five stars

Very cool

Violet O’Riely - 12 days ago

What I do with my daughter is teach her 3 letters a week with the corresponding picture block. She focuses while I place them in front of her, but of course, her attention span at this time is short and she will taste it then continue to through them. I love this educational quality time. I know she will eventually understand.

customer profile picture five stars

She loves them

Bella Johnson - June 07, 2019

Bought these for my neice as a birthday present and was a little worried she wouldn't know what to do with them but rest assured, her little imagination went wild. She's probably found more possible ways to play with them than gizmo even thought of.

customer profile picture two stars

Back in my day...

David Jensen - June 07, 2019

Back in my day we had blocks like these but I don't remember them being so sharp and hard. The paint chips and the wood can be chewed off. Would not reccommend for small children.

customer profile picture five stars

Fun for me too!

Molly P. - October 12, 2019

We are finding many ways to interact with our 20 month old while playing with these blocks.

Piling them into towers and buildings is great fun. But, more rewarding is that the numbers, letters, and pictures on the blocks provide the opportunity to get a jump on these concepts. We simply mention the block carving as we play with them, and many of the letters and numbers are starting to stick.

We are happy with quality of the blocks and the size is perfect for our young child's hand.

With the set comes a white bag that seals with a strap held by velcro. Perfect storage device.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the tin look like?
It's cube shaped but with rounded edges. About 5 inches wide on all sides, lid is about half an inch tall. As far as appearance, it's the standard Gizmo tin with the blue background and fun colors for details.
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Are they safe for small children?
The age limit on these is 5+ because some of the pieces are choking hazards.
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I'm looking to spell out Elliot for a maternity photo shoot. Can you please advise if this set comes with those mult?
The set has four of each letter (two being the colorful red,blue,green or yellow and the other two being more simplistic outlines of the letter) so you would be able to spell out Elliot. I went through my blocks to make sure it could be done ;). Just a heads up all the letters to spell Elliot are either Red or Blue so if you were hoping to get more of a color variation that will not happen with this set. I also bought this set for a maternity shoot and it worked out well for the photos however I was hoping to use these blocks as a toy for my soon to be son and was disappointed at how sharp the corners were on these blocks. The blocks also ended up being smaller than I had expected them to be. Hope this helps :)
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